Wednesday, January 7, 2009

much needed posting

So, it has come to my attention that I haven't posted in 2009 so I figured I would take the opportunity to do that. So far the new year has been a little rough...well, more than a little. While I don't always understand the way things fall apart or why they do, I know that God is faithful. I have learned that when in the desert where there is no water, the best thing to do is pray. I don't know exactly why I have been emptied, but I know that God will fill me again and i know he will do the same for all of the others who find themselves dry or brokenhearted. So rather than being devastated I choose to be hopeful. Somehow, God is going to turn this into something beautiful, even if i don't see it now I know its to come. In other news, school starts soon!!! I am pretty excited in all honesty. I'm really excited to see everybody and I hope to see them playing outside in some snow!!!! I also can't wait to start dorm life again with my new roomie! Corrie got an RA position (HUGE congratulations on that!!!) so now my new roomie is Miss Charlene (or char as i call her). Well anyway, I'm really not in a writing mood, but i felt like it needed to be done! Hope everybody is having a good week!