Friday, February 26, 2010


It has been nearly a year since I have posted anything. This is a trend that I hope to stop, so what better way than to write? In true Allie style, this is just another thought turned blog. Maybe its a little silly, but it is one of the ways I connect with Daddy. Read if you like & enjoy!

I've found that life is very similar to a pinwheel, at least it seems that way with my life. I see my life as a bright and colorful thing; something that is vibrant and hopefully, attention getting. By attention getting, I'm not referring to false, worldly attention that is fleeting and seeks its own advantages. I'm talking, memorable, impressive attention, the kind that isn't soon forgotten. I feel like my life sometimes gets so very chaotic, all the greens and blues and pinks and yellows all splashing together in one loud swirl that produces a burst of unrecognizable, but captivating, color. It is in those moments, that I tend to forget just how beautiful the colors are all on their own. Sure they're pretty when they're blending together, but each of those colors are divine in their own right. My dependable family, my encouraging friends, my hopes, dreams, promises, ambitions, talents...everything...they are all truly beautiful in their own right. However, what is the purpose of a pinwheel? To signify the presence of wind, in a bright and enjoyable way, by the motion of spinning. In my own little way, I hope that this is what I accomplish day to day simply by living my life. That through all the chaos, my life signifies the presence of Holy Spirit, in a bright and joyful way, by the simple motion of living my everyday life. Hopefully, I fulfill this, and if I do, I feel that my life will get the same reaction that a pinwheel does: turning heads, intrigued minds and smiling faces.