Friday, February 26, 2010


It has been nearly a year since I have posted anything. This is a trend that I hope to stop, so what better way than to write? In true Allie style, this is just another thought turned blog. Maybe its a little silly, but it is one of the ways I connect with Daddy. Read if you like & enjoy!

I've found that life is very similar to a pinwheel, at least it seems that way with my life. I see my life as a bright and colorful thing; something that is vibrant and hopefully, attention getting. By attention getting, I'm not referring to false, worldly attention that is fleeting and seeks its own advantages. I'm talking, memorable, impressive attention, the kind that isn't soon forgotten. I feel like my life sometimes gets so very chaotic, all the greens and blues and pinks and yellows all splashing together in one loud swirl that produces a burst of unrecognizable, but captivating, color. It is in those moments, that I tend to forget just how beautiful the colors are all on their own. Sure they're pretty when they're blending together, but each of those colors are divine in their own right. My dependable family, my encouraging friends, my hopes, dreams, promises, ambitions, talents...everything...they are all truly beautiful in their own right. However, what is the purpose of a pinwheel? To signify the presence of wind, in a bright and enjoyable way, by the motion of spinning. In my own little way, I hope that this is what I accomplish day to day simply by living my life. That through all the chaos, my life signifies the presence of Holy Spirit, in a bright and joyful way, by the simple motion of living my everyday life. Hopefully, I fulfill this, and if I do, I feel that my life will get the same reaction that a pinwheel does: turning heads, intrigued minds and smiling faces.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


So i have been meaning to post for a while & simply haven't gotten around to it. This is one of those other things that comes from my little book that I carry around with me everywhere. Again, this was just a thought I had & a few days later, I got around to pouring it into my book which eventually spilled on to here. If you read 'Pencils' from earlier on in my blog, it's kind of along the same lines as that one...just an analogy that parallels one of the many 'God-thoughts' that go through my head. thanks for reading it! you guys are awesome.


I remember being a little girl & going over to my friends' houses. Not one of the rooms looked identical but almost all of them shared one common feature. So many of the brightly colored rooms had these massive boxes, usually wooden, that took up a pretty decent portion of the room. They were usually stowed away in some nook or cranny, but they were always present & seldom did they ever move. In fact, I don't think I ever saw one be removed from a room or relocated elsewhere. Being the timid and ultra-polite child that I was, I would always go to the toy box, peer in, dig my hands into it, select a single toy & play with it and only it for an extended period of time. I was one of those kids that felt comfortable making a mess in her own room, but didn't ever want to upset anybody's mom so i tried to pick a toy I would be happy with & I clung to it for dear life. However, this didn't stop me from fantasizing about the endless possibilities of that box. I often dreamt of dumping the whole box out & playing in all of the toys, but I couldn't. I was too little to lift it and I was far too scared to ask a grown-up...that just seemed ridiculous. But let's think about it for a second...what is the purpose of a toy? Why was it designed and created? The answer is so obvious, it was made to be played with. Not just one, but all of them. This is so similar to the gifts that God has for us. He is dying to pick up that toy-box and dump out all of the incredible things it holds inside for us to play with-we just have to ask. That's it. No matter how many times we try to lift that box & dump it out by ourselves, we'll fail. We can't do it, we are far too weak-we're just little! But God isn't. He can dump that box out if He wants to & the cool thing is, He does. If we just play with one of His gifts, it won't be long before we decide we're done with it for a while & it's likely that we'll allow ourselves to get distracted with other things; the broken & defective toys that Satan tries to lure us with. But if we go to the grown up & ask Him the question that seems so ridiculous, He will pour all of His amazing things out for us to experience & we'll begin to find it difficult to play anywhere else.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

much needed posting

So, it has come to my attention that I haven't posted in 2009 so I figured I would take the opportunity to do that. So far the new year has been a little rough...well, more than a little. While I don't always understand the way things fall apart or why they do, I know that God is faithful. I have learned that when in the desert where there is no water, the best thing to do is pray. I don't know exactly why I have been emptied, but I know that God will fill me again and i know he will do the same for all of the others who find themselves dry or brokenhearted. So rather than being devastated I choose to be hopeful. Somehow, God is going to turn this into something beautiful, even if i don't see it now I know its to come. In other news, school starts soon!!! I am pretty excited in all honesty. I'm really excited to see everybody and I hope to see them playing outside in some snow!!!! I also can't wait to start dorm life again with my new roomie! Corrie got an RA position (HUGE congratulations on that!!!) so now my new roomie is Miss Charlene (or char as i call her). Well anyway, I'm really not in a writing mood, but i felt like it needed to be done! Hope everybody is having a good week!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Something new in this new year...

I'm tired. It's very early here, but it seems as though my family has been going for hours and hours. I finally convinced myself to flop out of bed at 8:45 and to be honest, I felt like it was entirely too early but I was proud of my grown up early morning self. So here I sit, in the floor of the study room. "Doing what?" you may ask. Well allow me to enlighten you. I am sitting in the floor, macbook in hand, helping my father find a background that he likes for his new blog! That's right ladies and gentlemen, as scary as it is, my father decided to finally bite the bullet and get himself a blog! My only fear is that reading his blog and mine would cause a person to recognize some similarities between the two of us which I have strived to cover up for many many years. However, I believe that I am well prepared to make halfway legitimate excuses for the similarities that will surely ease my mind.  Regardless, I am looking forward to his blog as my dad has some truly fascinating thoughts and opinions. It will be nice to see them in a text format. So today, I give you "Light the Darkness" which can be found at "" There isn't anything on there yet as we are battling the layout situation, but I'm sure it will be excellent once it is up and running. (Which could be a while because apparently he is where I get my ability to sit at the computer for hours upon hours until I locate exactly what I was looking for.) I hope everybody has a splendid day and a wonderful and safe New Year! 

Saturday, December 27, 2008

a family of 3!

Congrats Chris and Melissa on the new addition to your family! Its so exciting! I still haven't gotten to see her in person yet, but the picture was absolutely adorable! Just wanted to post a quick congratulations! Hope everyone has had a very merry Christmas and have a very safe and happy new year!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


so basically, there isn't a point behind this post. if you are looking for substance you may want to look elsewhere. in this post you will not find one of my metaphors, a story, or even an update. what you will receive, should you choose to accept it by further reading, is pure, raw, unadulterated nothingness straight from my mind. nothing in this post really has anything to do with anything else except its what is going on in my mind at this very moment. hats why it won't have substance-because i am thinking too hard. i really don't write well when i try to think about what i am writing. its much better if i just go. don't slow down. yet, sometimes that can be a problem too...going too fast. but i believe i explained all of those frustrations in my post about why i feel that writing is better than blogging. actually the only reason why i even thought to post on here is because i was looking at that ancient, decrepit page that no one really ever thinks about anymore...oh gee, what's it called? oh yeah, myspace. well now, myspace is really more like myteenytinypigeonholethatnobodyevervisitsbecausetheypreferfacebookbutthanksforvisiting.
but it does have a bunch of fascinating things from my past. posts i never even think about anymore, old pictures, that sort of thing. i like revisiting the past. not all of it is nice or friendly...not all of my days have been filled with daisies and puppies and sunshine, but as dark as they were...thats just it...they were. they're not anymore. they're gone. and i have seriously learned a lot from those days. anyways, like i said...not much here to look at. i need to be going. the ridge awaits!!! Christmas Rock Night!!!! i am so extremely excited! hope everyone has a splendid day!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

no comparison...

So as much as i love blogging (and trust me, i like it lots) it just doesn't compete with actually sitting down and writing on paper. I think I like it better simply because well...there are a lot of reasons, and when reasons start to stack up...what do we do? Make a list. 

Why I prefer writing on paper to blogging:
1. Things are so easily deleted on the computer and sometimes i find that i delete a really cool thought before i mean to and then its gone...i usually can't remember what it was later, but even if its erased on paper, i can slow down enough to get my thoughts together.
2. My notebook is private. Most of what i write in there i really wouldn't mind sharing, but its knowing that if it does take a very personal turn somewhere along the way, i didn't lose anything. i didn't lose any time and i didn't lose any thoughts. If i start posting a blog, i feel like it should be published, but if it gets too personal, chances are i want to keep it private for a while. I think there's something to be said about personal thoughts. A lot of times, I need to get real with myself before I can get real with the rest of the world, and I don't think that's easy. Maybe its just me, but i doubt it. Sometimes the hardest person to be genuine with is yourself, but if you can't be honest with yourself, how can you ever be honest with other people, or with God? Wow...that was a really long reason...I forgot I was listing...this is one of the things that happens in the book a lot, and when i do it in there, i don't feel dumb like i do now.
3. Let's be honest, chances are, blogspot is a phase. In ten years, I probably won't be able to remember my URL much less my password. However, being the packrat that i am, I feel pretty certain that I can hang on to this book for a while. 
4. Books can be passed down. I hope that one day, somebody will receive my book. It really doesn't matter how they get it, I just hope it's somebody that will find value in it and that will be able to benefit from it. Hopefully, they will pass it down and it will become a habit to pass the book down and will encourage those people to start writing and pass their books down. I just hope that God will somehow deliver it to the hands of a person that will learn something from it...anything.

I think that's it for that I've been thinking about it, I think I want to go write. Funny how that works...I just had an idea for what might end up being yet another spiritual growth metaphor. If i get enough of those, I may start a separate blog for my God thoughts. Anyways thanks for reading these, I know i'm not always the most interesting of humans, but I appreciate your interest. Even if it's out of sheer boredom, you still chose this page, and that means a lot! Goodnight guys!