Sunday, March 22, 2009


So i have been meaning to post for a while & simply haven't gotten around to it. This is one of those other things that comes from my little book that I carry around with me everywhere. Again, this was just a thought I had & a few days later, I got around to pouring it into my book which eventually spilled on to here. If you read 'Pencils' from earlier on in my blog, it's kind of along the same lines as that one...just an analogy that parallels one of the many 'God-thoughts' that go through my head. thanks for reading it! you guys are awesome.


I remember being a little girl & going over to my friends' houses. Not one of the rooms looked identical but almost all of them shared one common feature. So many of the brightly colored rooms had these massive boxes, usually wooden, that took up a pretty decent portion of the room. They were usually stowed away in some nook or cranny, but they were always present & seldom did they ever move. In fact, I don't think I ever saw one be removed from a room or relocated elsewhere. Being the timid and ultra-polite child that I was, I would always go to the toy box, peer in, dig my hands into it, select a single toy & play with it and only it for an extended period of time. I was one of those kids that felt comfortable making a mess in her own room, but didn't ever want to upset anybody's mom so i tried to pick a toy I would be happy with & I clung to it for dear life. However, this didn't stop me from fantasizing about the endless possibilities of that box. I often dreamt of dumping the whole box out & playing in all of the toys, but I couldn't. I was too little to lift it and I was far too scared to ask a grown-up...that just seemed ridiculous. But let's think about it for a second...what is the purpose of a toy? Why was it designed and created? The answer is so obvious, it was made to be played with. Not just one, but all of them. This is so similar to the gifts that God has for us. He is dying to pick up that toy-box and dump out all of the incredible things it holds inside for us to play with-we just have to ask. That's it. No matter how many times we try to lift that box & dump it out by ourselves, we'll fail. We can't do it, we are far too weak-we're just little! But God isn't. He can dump that box out if He wants to & the cool thing is, He does. If we just play with one of His gifts, it won't be long before we decide we're done with it for a while & it's likely that we'll allow ourselves to get distracted with other things; the broken & defective toys that Satan tries to lure us with. But if we go to the grown up & ask Him the question that seems so ridiculous, He will pour all of His amazing things out for us to experience & we'll begin to find it difficult to play anywhere else.


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Allie, that is so awesome and I love the analogy! the insight God has blessed you with makes my heart smile...owe! I am very excited about more of these!!