Sunday, December 21, 2008


so basically, there isn't a point behind this post. if you are looking for substance you may want to look elsewhere. in this post you will not find one of my metaphors, a story, or even an update. what you will receive, should you choose to accept it by further reading, is pure, raw, unadulterated nothingness straight from my mind. nothing in this post really has anything to do with anything else except its what is going on in my mind at this very moment. hats why it won't have substance-because i am thinking too hard. i really don't write well when i try to think about what i am writing. its much better if i just go. don't slow down. yet, sometimes that can be a problem too...going too fast. but i believe i explained all of those frustrations in my post about why i feel that writing is better than blogging. actually the only reason why i even thought to post on here is because i was looking at that ancient, decrepit page that no one really ever thinks about anymore...oh gee, what's it called? oh yeah, myspace. well now, myspace is really more like myteenytinypigeonholethatnobodyevervisitsbecausetheypreferfacebookbutthanksforvisiting.
but it does have a bunch of fascinating things from my past. posts i never even think about anymore, old pictures, that sort of thing. i like revisiting the past. not all of it is nice or friendly...not all of my days have been filled with daisies and puppies and sunshine, but as dark as they were...thats just it...they were. they're not anymore. they're gone. and i have seriously learned a lot from those days. anyways, like i said...not much here to look at. i need to be going. the ridge awaits!!! Christmas Rock Night!!!! i am so extremely excited! hope everyone has a splendid day!!!

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