Thursday, December 11, 2008

no comparison...

So as much as i love blogging (and trust me, i like it lots) it just doesn't compete with actually sitting down and writing on paper. I think I like it better simply because well...there are a lot of reasons, and when reasons start to stack up...what do we do? Make a list. 

Why I prefer writing on paper to blogging:
1. Things are so easily deleted on the computer and sometimes i find that i delete a really cool thought before i mean to and then its gone...i usually can't remember what it was later, but even if its erased on paper, i can slow down enough to get my thoughts together.
2. My notebook is private. Most of what i write in there i really wouldn't mind sharing, but its knowing that if it does take a very personal turn somewhere along the way, i didn't lose anything. i didn't lose any time and i didn't lose any thoughts. If i start posting a blog, i feel like it should be published, but if it gets too personal, chances are i want to keep it private for a while. I think there's something to be said about personal thoughts. A lot of times, I need to get real with myself before I can get real with the rest of the world, and I don't think that's easy. Maybe its just me, but i doubt it. Sometimes the hardest person to be genuine with is yourself, but if you can't be honest with yourself, how can you ever be honest with other people, or with God? Wow...that was a really long reason...I forgot I was listing...this is one of the things that happens in the book a lot, and when i do it in there, i don't feel dumb like i do now.
3. Let's be honest, chances are, blogspot is a phase. In ten years, I probably won't be able to remember my URL much less my password. However, being the packrat that i am, I feel pretty certain that I can hang on to this book for a while. 
4. Books can be passed down. I hope that one day, somebody will receive my book. It really doesn't matter how they get it, I just hope it's somebody that will find value in it and that will be able to benefit from it. Hopefully, they will pass it down and it will become a habit to pass the book down and will encourage those people to start writing and pass their books down. I just hope that God will somehow deliver it to the hands of a person that will learn something from it...anything.

I think that's it for that I've been thinking about it, I think I want to go write. Funny how that works...I just had an idea for what might end up being yet another spiritual growth metaphor. If i get enough of those, I may start a separate blog for my God thoughts. Anyways thanks for reading these, I know i'm not always the most interesting of humans, but I appreciate your interest. Even if it's out of sheer boredom, you still chose this page, and that means a lot! Goodnight guys!

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