Monday, October 20, 2008


i feel so swamped lately. it's like in my mind i don't really have anything going on, then come to find out i have a million things to do everyday. i really don't know how that happens, or i think i have a clear schedule...i never do. i really like being busy though. i mean don't get me wrong, i love my down time, but too much down time makes me feel lazy. maybe that's why i do so much. but i love everything that i do. i think that's important. if you are going to do something, make sure that you are passionate about it. pour your heart and soul into the things you do and if you aren't passionate about it then leave it behind unless it is something that God commands you to do. this post really is rambling. i find i do that a lot, hence the name of the blog. my phone is almost as spastic as i am. one minute it has 2 bars of battery, then it's blinking at me saying "low battery" "low battery" every 3 seconds. i don't get it; it's aggravating. but anyway, i really don't have a whole lot to say. i'm just sitting at XA before drama practice starts. super fun! but that's pretty much it, i just figured i would update. there really isn't any substance to this at all, but that's ok...sometimes it's good to not be super philosophical. anyway thats it for now! hope everybody is having a super blessed day!!!

romans 12.2

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Momma Kay said...

Sounds like your phone has moisture damage. hhhmmm.... just a thought.

I'm enjoying your blogs!! Super great! I especially loved Pencils! Great analogy!