Thursday, October 30, 2008


well I realized that I have failed at updating this, so I decided that before October was officially over, I should write something else. I am really getting sick of eye appointments rushing my fridays. I mean I come home anyways, but I don't like having to make sure I am at the eye doctor at a specific time. college proves to be growing rapidly in both the fun and stress categories. Honestly, I'm just tired. So incredibly tired. I have had so much to do this week, and next week will prove to be just as insane. Something to look forward to. Right now I'm just sitting at Chi waiting for free form worship to start. I'm talking to an AMAZING girl...her name is kristen. She's a warfie too and she's also in my small group...this is her saying hey...hi. That's right, from the hands of Kristen Surles herself, ladies and gentlemen. She actually followed that charming "h-i" with "what do you want me to say??? I don't do this stuff." she's awesome. Maddy just banged on the window...she tried to scare me but it didn't work. I'm fearless haha. not. so anyway, not much is going on til patty gets here. then it's time to paint!!! yaaay! God has still made himself everpresent this week which i am extremely appreciative of ...well anyway Patty just got here so i'm gonna get off of here! i hope everyone has a blessed week!

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