Saturday, November 29, 2008


I didn't even know that Denira had tagged me for this until just here it goes...

Go into your pictures folders. Choose your fourth pic folder and then insert the fourth picture from that folder. Write four things about the picture, then tag four friends!

1. This is actually the second picture from my 4th folder because that folder only has 2 pictures.
2. This was taken in the airport in Detroit while my group was waiting for our flight to France!!!
3. That was probably one of the prettiest skies that I have ever seen.
4. I thought I took more pictures (better ones) of this without the window pane and the people in it but apparently I didn't.

Now I tag:

1. Kay Sampson
2. Corrie Bridges
3. Travis Meyers
4.  Melissa Hill

yaaaay...that was random. =]

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