Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Fall has never been more beautiful. I'm sure this has more to do with my ignorance than the actual scenery. I can honestly say that this fall has taken my breath away and I have been completely astounded by God's amazing creation. A Cookeville autumn is truly a gorgeous one. The trees are the most vibrant shades of red and orange and yellow...there's just nothing like it. In fact, these trees have made me question if summer is truly my favorite season...autumn is definitely giving summer a run for it's money. Makes me wonder how long I have been taking God's magnificence for granted. I'm positive that it's nothing new in my life. I'm sure I've always done it and that I do it on a daily basis without even noticing. I mean that's like going into your house and putting up a ton of gorgeous paintings that you worked extremely hard on. After your family comes in, you expect them to make a comment on at least one of them but nope...nothing. You begin to think...okay well they've had a hard day...maybe they'll say something about them tomorrow. The next day goes by--not a word. Weeks...months...even years. Still, no comments come. Nothing good, nothing bad. Nothing. You at least expect someone to say something. Good. Bad. Bragging. Praise. Disgust. Something. Finally, years later, you get a "oh hey that's cool." And while to us it may be to little to late, it thrills God. How amazing is He? All the praise and glory be to Him...He is beyond deserving of it. That's all for now. Byebye and God bless!


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