Monday, December 8, 2008

high stress=high praise

"It's beginning to look a lot like finals, everywhere I go. Take a look at the panic and stress, everyone looks a mess. With late night crams and coffee slams to go..."

That's what I have been singing for the past few days. My own version of getting into the finals spirit. But i'm learning to be of good cheer, not just because it is the holidays, but also because God rewards diligence. I know if i study hard, and put my focus on Him as well, that God will reward that and will bless me for it. I am most nervous about my final on Wednesday. 8:00 am...algebra. To be honest, i'm terrified. Right now I am on that line of a high D or low C, that sounds really pathetic but I'm not afraid to claim my miserable math abilities. I just hope to pass that stupid final. I always do really bad on things in that class (clearly my grades reflect that) but it isn't because i don't care, it has more to do with me being so intimidated by the course. I mean couldn't i just take an english final instead? That would be amazing. But anyway I was just checkin out Jarrett's new blog (which is AWESOME!) so i thought i would update a little. Please be in prayer for my finals that are left. My Psychology one tomorrow at 10:30 and my Algebra one on Wednesday at 8:00! My theater monologue went wonderfully, thanks to all who were in prayer for that! Have a wonderful night, I have to go study study study! Good night!

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